Hey, I’m Mandi…

Photo of MandiI was born in the summer of 1989 and grew up with my dad in New Orleans.

The culture I was raised in is rich in music diversity. In New Orleans, music is less about ‘who’s on the top charts’ and more about community. The music isn’t so much an end of itself, but it’s about bringing everyone together to dance around outside in the summertime, eat good (Louisiana) food and share life together.

My hope is that, in some way, the music I write brings people together as well, but more than that my ambition is to point people to the Gospel. Most (maybe all) of the songs I write are deeply influenced by my relationship with Christ. I am just utterly humbled by the fact that there is nothing good in me and yet, He has set his affections on me, giving me grace to turn to him and be reconciled to God through faith in the atonement that was made by Christ. I was such an unlikely candidate, seventeen and chasing after the most trivial pleasures when God displayed in my life that He is worthy to be worshipped and his arm is not too short to save. Now, the joy that I have in Him surpasses any short lived happiness I’ve ever experienced in this life and it is my greatest privilege to take my lips and my guitar and make His glory known in coffee shops, music venues and living rooms all over the world. :)


This is my first CD of the songs I have written since I became a Christian. Many of these songs have a story, so check out the blog if you would like to know more. I was fortunate to work with some truly amazing musicians and I’m so proud of the finished product. Hope you enjoy it.

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This collection of four songs is based on the story of Ruth found in the bible. My pastor, David, preached on this book in July of 2009. These songs accompanied that series of messages and show human love and redemption as a reflection of God’s love and redemption for us. It is a simple collection of songs with just a vocal and acoustic guitar recorded in an office at the church : ) Special thanks to Steven Sivley for the awesome acoustic playing!!!

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